A list is being made.  A grouchy possum is coming to the store with me.  Here are things I am making for the big meal on Thursday, as well as some other things you might want to consider making.  Titles of the photos are links to recipes.

Dry-brined turkey (made this last year, and it was perfect– easier than wet brined, but 3 days lead time)

Persimmon pudding

Apple Pie

Stuffed Delicata Squash

Endive Salad with warm bacon dressing

Goat Cheese with Chile Morita and Piloncillo sauce (great for hors d’oerves)

Orange Custard Pie with Honey and Coriander

Cabbage Gratin

New stuff I am doing this year:

Cranberry Port-Gelee

Gratinned Mustard Creamed Onions

Chard with Raisins and Orange Peel

And a less insane version than my families’ traditional candied yams (but we will still be using butter, not olive oil):

Sweet Potatoes with Bourbon and Maple

I am making pumpkin pie this year, but haven’t decided on the recipe.  Please tell me your favorites (but know I am strongly in favor of evaporated milk being in the ingredients list.)