Welcome to tsp.

I believe food is a central thing about a place, and it carries so many aspects of our lives—important events, family, history, politics, culture—with it to the table. It has always been a source of pride and creativity for me.

The recipes found here are family favorites and hand-me-downs, new-found old artifacts from South Texas, and stolen goods from around the world.  Influences are Tex-Mex, Pennsylvania Dutch, Southern U.S., France, Mexico.  I like to know the history of foodways and foods, and see cooking knowledge being passed along as some kind of continuation of a story.

I worked in a bakery once, and a restaurant kitchen, catering kitchen, in a warehouse selling walking sticks and camera tripods, as as a teacher in an inner city public high school.  I don’t do any of those things now.

I take all the pictures here, with a Nikon D3000.

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